My alarm goes off and I hit the snooze button. Good thing I've perfected the art of speed-showering.


My alarm buzzes again, like it's mad that I've been ignoring it. My roommate rolls out of bed with a mumbled "good morning." I find an SMS polo shirt and try to determine which of my kilts is the least wrinkled. I throw my hair up and do a quick check with my roommate to make sure our room is straight for room inspection. Not having boys on campus has its benefits - getting ready in the morning takes a second!


I sign in to breakfast. I consider making this my fourth waffle morning in a row (I love waffles) but opt for scrambled eggs and fruit instead. I score a lemon poppy seed muffin before they're all gone, then sit down with my friends, who are talking about the mixer on Saturday and eyeing my lemon poppyseed muffin.


On my way to chapel, I check my mailbox and it's full! Mail in the morning, my favorite way to start the day. I check to make sure I have all my books and line up for chapel.


After chapel, I take a reading quiz in American Lit. Spending all that time with The Great Gatsby really paid off - I'm pretty sure I got an A!


I head to the art room for Fashion Design with Mr. K. As I work on my sketches and talk to my friends about what we're going to do this weekend, I can't help but think the designers on Project Runway have nothing on me.


It's break, so I go to my room to change my books and check my e-mail. I still have seven minutes, so I go down to the student lounge to see what's going on. As luck would have it, my friends are baking cookies. I wonder how many cookies I can eat in seven minutes. There's only one way to find out...


On to World History II. We review for a test on the French Revolution. I can't believe Marie Antoinette was our age during most of her reign. Talk about girl power.


We review last night's homework in Chemistry. I still have a few questions, so I tell Mrs. Brooks that I'll be back for T.A. later today.


Lunch time, FINALLY. I am starving! Seriously, I feel like breakfast was a week ago. Every Monday is Advisor lunch day, so I eat with my advisor and advisee group.


Study hall brings some much-needed quiet time to study for the Geometry quiz I'll take later today.


As I walk to Spanish III, I wonder if we'll get our test back today. I see the eagle couple that nests in a tree near the river and remember the Spanish word for eagle. (El aguila). I bet I killed that test.


Geometry. Nothing like wrapping up your day with a quiz. Well, I'm prepared, so here goes.


It's T.A., time to run my Chemistry questions by Mrs. Brooks.


I hurry back to my room to change for field hockey; I don't want to be late!


I sign into dinner and see that it's Mrs. Beverly's fried chicken. Could this be the most perfect dining hall day ever? Lemon poppyseed muffins at breakfast and Mrs. Beverly's fried chicken for dinner! I get in line.


My friends and I head back to the dorm after dinner to check facebook to see who;s posted pics from yesterday's trip to Kings Dominion. I hope the roller coaster action shots of me screaming my head off aren't tagged.


Tonight for Residential, our dorm communities are meeting to work on our skits for Scotties Got Talent. My community's skit is awesome; we're gonna win! I mean, I'm sure the other communities' skits are great, too. But we're gonna win!


Study Hall, time for homework.


The bell that signals the end of Study Hall rings. I go downstairs to see what everyone else is doing and sign in for the night. Like we do every Monday, a group of us watch The Voice. I'm definitely on Team Adam!


I hear the room bell. My roommate and I get ready for bed. How is it possible to do so much in one day? Only four classes tomorrow, and then it's Wednesday - my day to sleep in! As I fall asleep, I wonder what's for breakfast tomorrow morning. Maybe waffles!