Be yourself.

Come see for yourself

You've gotten this far. You've checked us out online. The next step is to visit campus. Sit in on a class or two, walk through our fine arts gallery, watch a soccer game, eat a meal with us, maybe even spend the night! A visit will help you get honest perspectives from girls who, not so long ago, were in your shoes. It's the best way to make this big decision.

Speak up

Now’s not the time to be shy, this is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make. There's no such thing as a stupid question, trust us, we've heard them all. So if you have questions, ask! We'll connect you with the right person who'll give you an honest answer.

Embrace change

Maybe you can't wait to come to SMS. Maybe you're a little nervous about the idea. All we can say is take a chance. Give it a try. Change is the first step in opening yourself up to new possibilities. Sure, it can be scary, but it's easier to make a big change with people who care about you.

Try new things

A big part of your time at St. Margaret's is spent understanding who you are and who you want to become. It's easier to figure this out if you're open to a little adventure. Maybe it's eating an unfamiliar food or running cross country or applying for a leadership role. So no matter what you're interested in exploring, it's easy to try new things here.

Did you know?

We thought we'd throw in a few facts you might not know about SMS:

  • our Scottish heritage: We're named after St. Margaret, Queen of Scotland, who was known as an independent woman who cared for the needs of others and encouraged the founding of schools.
  • Our school seal and class ring were created by the class of 1947. They designed the seal to include a book and chalice to honor St. Margaret, a Celtic cross to symbolize the Episcopal church and the thistle to symbolize our ties to Scotland.
  • our mascot is the scottie. An ode to our Scottish ties, he symbolizes independence, loyalty and willfulness, and he's pretty cute, too!
  • We share our campus with osprey and eagles. In fact, the same osprey "husband and wife" come around every summer. We affectionately call them Jack and Diane. During the other months, a bald eagle "couple" lives and nests on our campus. The admissions staff has named them William and Kate. Seeing them up close is humbling, and we're honored that they make our river bank their home.