Be connected.

DormThey're more than just a place to sleep and store stuff. Our dorms are a big part of campus life here at SMS - for both boarders and day students. Our days are busy, so when we're in the dorms, we like to hang out, Skype with family and friends from home or get an early start on homework. And if someone happens to bake a batch of cookies, so be it.

There are three dorms at SMS: McCuan House, Anderton House and Latane Hall. McCuan, our newest dorm, is designed with a suite-style floorplan, so two girls share a room and two rooms share a bathroom. Anderton (or A-house, as we call it) and Latane, are more traditional dorms with double rooms and shared bathrooms on each hall. All of our dorms have kitchens (see cookie baking, above), TV lounges, group study rooms and laundry rooms.

To be honest, dorm living isn't like having your own room at home, but after a few of our legendary weekly shopping trips to Target and Walmart, (seriously, we love Target and Walmart,) your dorm room will start to feel more like home.

Does the idea of sharing a room with someone other than your sister seem strange? Would it make you feel better to know that your roommate will be carefully chosen by matching personality traits and living style? Besides, where else could you have the a chance to live with a girl from Texas, or Mexico, or Japan? Once you get to know her and your hallmates, you'll see how easy it is to live in a diverse and respectful community like ours.

Each house has dorm parents, and while they're there to make sure dorm rules are followed, they're also available whenever you need them. You and your roommate will be part of a dorm community that gathers regularly for social events and dorm updates.