Be connected.

When someone says "boarding school dining hall," what comes to mind? How about a modern, airy building with tons of natural light and panoramic river views? And because our community eats together, it's a great place to get to know your teachers, advisors and classmates outside of the classroom.

Did we mention that food tastes better with a river view? Three buffet-style meals are offered every day, so you can pretty much eat what you like, the way you like it. It's a lot like having your own pantry - you decide what you're in the mood to eat. It might be something you put together yourself from the salad bar, the sandwich bar or the stir fry station; or it might be one of several hot meals that are home-made for you.

The menu changes every day and often includes international or holiday themes like a Mexican food bar or a complete Thanksgiving dinner. Our menus are flexible enough for even the most particular eaters, and your parents will be happy to know you aren't living on vending machine snacks because in addition to being good, our food is also good for you. Except maybe the dessert bar.