Everybody's got ideas about what goes on at girls' boarding schools. Some are accurate and some are, well, just wrong! Once and for all, we'd like to bust the myths about girls' boarding schools with a few surprising facts.

Boarding school life will SURPRISE you!

When you told your friends from home you were thinking about going to a boarding school, did they answer, "Why, what did you do?" This is the biggest misconception about boarding schools and it couldn't be more wrong. Girls who come here are smart, creative, motivated and involved. We choose to come here because we want to and because we think SMS will provide experiences and possibilities we can't get at our schools back home.

Our daily schedules really WILL help you in the future.

Yeah, we know you've heard this one before, boarding school better prepares you for college. Well, it's true. And it's not only true for our academic program, but also for the way we schedule our days. Our schedules are structured to help you balance school, activities and free time throughout the day. This helps us learn how to manage our time and be proactive and flexible.

Diversity THRIVES at SMS.

We don't have a type. We are who we are. We come from near and far and from all kinds of backgrounds. And we expect you to be whoever YOU are. One of the best parts of being an SMS student is what you learn from your own classmates - things like respect, openness and an interest in different cultures and traditions. It's something you'll take with you when you leave here, and it's not a bad way to approach the world, if you ask us.

You CAN stay connected.

As long as you're in good academic standing, you can use your cell phone or laptop during your free time to keep in touch with family and friends at home. You have to leave it in your dorm during classes and study hall, or turned off in your bag if you're a day student, but otherwise, feel free to Skype with your mom to tell her about the "B+"you got on your geometry test or check in with your friends from home on Facebook.

You WILL have a social life.

Between school mixers, formal dances and weekend activities, you'll wonder why you ever thought you wouldn't leave campus or meet boys. Not that you'll have time to wonder this, you'll be so busy going to mixers, amusement parks and athletic events. Anyway, you may even have more opportunities here than at home to get to know your classmates AND make great connections with kids from other schools.

You will ALWAYS be an SMS girl.

When you start your first day at St. Margaret's, you become part of a sisterhood that goes back to the school's founding in 1921. And although we may take different paths after graduation, we carry our friendships with us. Ask any alumna, whether she graduated one year ago or fifty, and she'll tell you she still keeps in touch with her SMS friends.